about us

Santa Clara is a new restaurant with a garden in the Pedralbes district of Barcelona, opening in November 2015. Decorated by the prestigious interior decorator, Jaime Beriestain and headed by the owners of Restaurant Igueldo, Santa Clara serves honest, classical cuisine, based on top-quality market products prepared with the utmost care. It also has a corner run by the renowned baker’s Baluard, meaning that we offer the neighbourhood the best-quality bread.

Santa Clara is an island just off Mount Igueldo in San Sebastián, three kilometres out to sea. It is reached by the people of San Sebastián by boat or by swimming to it as soon as the good weather starts and there is low tide. They have picnics, go to the bar and spend the afternoon there.

Our Santa Clara has a direct link to Restaurant Igueldo, as its owners, Ana López de Lamadrid and Gonzalo Galbete,are also leading this new project. They have both been offering excellent Basque cuisine for eight years now in Igueldo.

Restaurant Santa Clara will occupy the premises that have recently been vacated by Restaurant Neichel (*Michelin) which, for almost 30 years, was one of the best ones in Barcelona. With a clear difference, we take on its legacy of excellence, which is particularly relevant as Ana López de Lamadrid started her professional career in Restaurant Neichel.


Santa Clara serves breakfasts as well as lunches, teas, suppers, traditional vermouth or a snack at any time.. It also has a carefully chosen selection of wines, not forgetting the fact that the bread we serve in the restaurant comes from the Baluard wood-fired bakery.

Our menu contains top-quality market products and an exquisite variety of soups and salads, tartare and tataki, pasta and rice dishes, meat and fish, delicious accompaniments and omelettes made using eggs from Calaf. The meat and fish dishes prepared over a charcoal grill in our sophisticated Josper oven will, without a doubt, be the star product of our restaurant.


Santa Clara has several spaces:
- The inner dining room, which holds up to 65 seated diners
- A private room with a library for up to 14 people
- An open-air covered porch which is heated on chilly days, for up to 30 people
- A magnificent, lush, 300 m²-garden in which we can host 60 people
- A corner that sells Baluard bread, which can be entered from the street and from inside the restaurant itself


The concept and interior design of Santa Clara were developed by Jaime Beriestain, whose talent has been recognised in noteworthy projects, nationally as well as internationally. His work has been published in exclusive magazines such as AD, VOGUE, COTE SUD, MAISON FRANÇAISE, TELVA and so on.

For Restaurant Santa Clara, Jaime Beriestain projected covering the walls and floors with sanded pine to highlight the grain of the wood and to create the perception of a warm, natural atmosphere. While the white colour gives a fresh, timeless touch, the Bergère and Chauffeuse-style armchairs upholstered in white linen add a sophisticated, intimate touch.

In the words of Jaime Beriestain´s team of interior designers, “Santa Clara was designed around a complementarity relationship between the outside and the inside. These two areas play the same protagonist role and create a comfortable, open space that evolves in keeping with the seasons. The project is a unique space in the city of Barcelona."


She has a degree in Hotel Management from the University of Barcelona and is a specialist in wine pairing from Marbella School and the European Community. She initiated her professional career at Neichel Restaurant in Barcelona (**Michelin) and at Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastián (***Michelin) as an intern chef. She continued at Rodero in Pamplona (*Michelin) and in Txarrantxena in the same city to which she owes her passion for wines. Upon her return to Barcelona and after studying wine pairing, she worked as a sommelier at Toc Restaurant. She wrote an easy guide to Spanish wines along with Josep Puigcorbé, sommelier at Drolma restaurant, titled “El vino lo dejo en tus manos”. She currently manages the Igueldo Restaurant, where she strives to provide quality wine with quality cuisine.


He studied cooking at the Superior Cooking School of San Sebastian. He began his professional career at Tubal de Tafalla Restaurant (*Michelin) where he learnt the basics of Navarran cuisine. He continued at Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastián (***Michelin) where he worked with Ana for one year and built a lasting friendship with her. He continued his career in Rodero Restaurant in Pamplona (*Michelin), and from there he moved to Santiago de Chile to manage a very well-known Basque restaurant. Upon his return, he worked in Jean Luc Figueras Restaurant of Barcelona (*Michelin) until he launched a Basque restaurant in the centre of Barcelona.